Unleashing the Power of TRX Bandit: Your Ultimate On-the-Go Workout Companion

Unleashing the Power of TRX Bandit: Your Ultimate On-the-Go Workout Companion

In the world of fitness gear, TRX has always been at the forefront of innovation, creating workout equipment that caters to the needs of fitness enthusiasts on the move. From the ingenious Suspension Trainer designed by TRX founder Randy Hetrick during his time as a Navy SEAL, TRX has now introduced the TRX Bandit – a small yet mighty addition to their lineup that will revolutionize the way you perceive strength bands. In this article, we'll explore the versatility and benefits of the TRX Bandit and provide you with four exciting ways to incorporate it into your on-the-go workout routine.


What is TRX Bandit? 

The TRX Bandit is a universal-fit, ergonomic handle designed to enhance comfort, control, and performance during band exercises. If you've shied away from strength bands due to discomfort caused by traditional rubber grips, the Bandit is a game-changer. By simply sliding on the Bandit, you'll transform your workout experience from worrying about hand discomfort to focusing on maximizing your reps and achieving your fitness goals. The Bandit is available as a set of two handles or as a kit that includes two handles and two strength bands.

What are Strength Bands? 

Before diving into the various applications of the TRX Bandit, let's clarify the distinction between different types of bands. TRX Strength Bands are long, continuous loop bands primarily used for strength training exercises such as squats, rows, pull-ups, and injury rehab. On the other hand, Exercise Bands are shorter and thinner, typically employed for toning smaller muscle groups like wrists and ankles. Additionally, TRX Glute Bands, made from fabric with adjustable lengths, are specifically designed for booty-boosting exercises. The Bandit is intended for use with Strength Bands to enhance control and grip during strength training.





Four Ways to Utilize the TRX Bandit

Take Your Strength Training Outside

Escape the confines of your home or office and enjoy the great outdoors with your Bandit Kit. With your feet serving as the anchor point for the strength band, you can perform exercises such as Squats, Squat to Press, Bicep Curls, Rows, Hinges, and Resisted Marches. You can even simulate Chest Presses by wrapping the strength band behind your back and attaching Bandits to both ends.

Buddy Up with Bandit

Workouts become more enjoyable when shared with friends. Partner up and engage in exercises like single-side rows or standing-facing-away tricep extensions. For a cardio twist, attempt the Strength Band Sprint, where one partner leads while the other resists the movement. Alternatively, incorporate forward-walking lunges for a slower-paced workout.

Unleash Rotational Power

Utilize static anchor points such as basketball goals, fence posts, door knobs, or trees to create rotational movements. Loop the Strength Band around the anchor and secure it using the Bandit. This setup allows you to perform rotational exercises like Woodchoppers and Trunk Rotations, similar to those performed with the TRX RIP Trainer

Mix and Match

To keep your workouts fresh and engaging, blend exercises using different modalities. Incorporate Bandit exercises into your TRX Suspension Training routine for a contrasting experience. Switch between using the Suspension Trainer and the Bandit Kit to perform the same exercises, observing variations in muscle engagement. For a challenging workout, combine both tools in a minimal-equipment circuit.

A few exercises for inspiration:





The TRX Bandit opens up a world of possibilities for an effective on-the-go workout. With its ergonomic design and versatile applications, it empowers you to perform a wide range of strength training exercises with enhanced comfort and control. Whether you're seeking outdoor workouts, partner-based routines, rotational power exercises, or a mix-and-match approach, the TRX Bandit has got you covered. Embrace this portable fitness companion and unlock the potential for challenging workouts wherever your journey takes you. Remember, TRX builds the tools, but you bring the sweat.