5 reasons to introduce yoga into your workout routine

5 reasons to introduce yoga into your workout routine

The TRX FOR YOGA digital course has recently been made available in the Baltics, so it's the perfect time to talk about why yoga is an integral part of wellbeing. Trainer and TRX FOR YOGA advocate Shauna Harrison says yoga is all about letting go of everyday thoughts and getting a better feel for your body and how it moves. "Yoga is meant to connect people with their breathing."

"I think we are so disconnected from so many parts of our body, including our breathing. Yoga is very helpful and necessary, especially in this day and age, to get to know myself and my body better."

Want to see for yourself? Read these five reasons why yoga should be part of your weekly routine.

1. Nothing can stop you

Although yoga mats are the most common yoga mats people use, you don't actually need any specialised equipment to start doing yoga. Anyone can take up yoga, regardless of age, fitness level, anytime, anywhere!  You can learn about yoga exercises in fitness club group classes, on phone apps or even by watching a free video on Youtube.

2. Yoga improves health

Yoga is a great activity for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis or heart disease. It gives strength, flexibility and awareness of your mind and body. Yoga is known to improve the immune system and even lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. This means that yoga can be substituted for medical care, but it is worth talking to your doctor to see if yoga can be used as a treatment for your specific condition.

3. Yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety

For Shaun Harrison yoga helps to fight severe anxiety attacks. She says she suffered from anxiety attacks almost every day when she was prescribed medication by her doctor, and started doing yoga in parallel. "Part of the anxiety is caused by the inability to control myself and calm my breathing", she explains. "I went to a yoga class where I learned to control my breathing. By learning to control my breathing frequency, I was also able to control my anxiety attacks."

4. Yoga helps to avoid overtraining

Yoga not only relieves stress but can also make people more resilient. Yoga reflects a person's way of life. If you find it difficult to hold yoga poses, it is probably due to the workload and stress levels of your daily life.
Yoga relieves fatigue, relaxes and calms the nervous system, helps to regain inner balance and replenishes inner energy reserves.

5. Yoga improves performance

If a person is into cardio training or the biggest goal is to lift a record weight, yoga may not be on the weekly training plan, even though it can really improve the performance of an athlete or fitness enthusiast in training. Regular yoga sessions can improve an athlete's flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.


Still afraid of yoga? The TRX suspension system can make many difficult yoga poses - like Crow Pose or Handstand - much more doable. Now you can take a digital TRX FOR YOGA training course in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to help you master the elements of yoga. This course will show you how to bring TRX into your yoga practice, giving you new movement development, helping you to hold and also learn traditional poses. Just remember: you don't have to become a yoga expert in one day. If you have free time to do yoga at least once a week, make the most of it!